Congratulations for Taking the First Step of Reaching Your Audience
The following is a list of all of our placement opportunities.  Advertising in Momentum Makers Magazine starts as low as $300 per month.:

- Full Front Cover Feature:  The front cover is reserved for featured stories and includes a multi-page article inside the magazine that will be all about YOU!  The front cover placement is considered "premium" and is subject to selection by our editorial staff.

- Front Cover Spotlight:  We are reserving 3 front cover "Title Invite" positions for the front cover.  These Title Invites will notify readers of articles not to miss within the magazine.

- Interior Front Cover/Interior Back Cover Full Page: These premium spaces will position nearly as well as the front or back but without the story element and the higher cost.

- Full Back Cover:  Another premium position. This is reserved as a full page advertisement without the additional story content at a lower price point than the front page but higher than the interior.

- Interior Pages:  Coveted page positions are sold as quarter page, half page and full page positions.  
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